Winding 2 Threads With a 1-and-1 Cross

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Hi Madelyn!


I have been trying to follow the directions you give in Warping Your Loom for winding 2 ends with an individual cross, but the 2 threads keep ending up twisting around each other. I can't quite follow your movements in the video. Can you help?





OK, Clarence, here goes!


I've created this document with photos and step-by-step instructions detailing this process that you can download from Weaving Today. (Just know that I took these photos of the process holding my iPhone in my left hand and making the movements with my right hand, so nothing is perfect here. At some point, I'll get someone to take clearer photos, but this might help you in the meantime.) Below are the written instructions for each step. For my example, I used a green end and a white end which you can see for yourself in my instructions on Weaving Today.


Winding 2 Threads With a 1-and-1 Cross


1. To start winding, tie a knot in the ends of the 2 threads, put the knotted loop around the Start peg, and insert your index finger in the loop with the green thread on top and the white on the bottom and your finger pointing toward the wall. 

2. Carrying the 2 threads this way, place them on Cross peg #1, green on top, white underneath.

3. Shift your hand in a clockwise turn so that the threads change position, white thread on top but closest to you, green thread on bottom.

4. Place the threads in this position on Cross peg #2.

5. Then turn your hand back (a counterclockwise turn) and go around the warping board as usual, carrying both threads and keeping your index finger always between them.

6. On the return back to the cross pegs, when you come up around the top outside peg on the right, shift your hand (a counterclockwise turn) to put the white thread on top (I also stick my thumb in the opening to spread it a bit) and carry this opening toward Cross peg #2.

7. Place this opening over Cross peg #2 (white thread on top, green thread on bottom).

8. Shift your hand back (you’ll be turning it clockwise) so that the green thread is now on top, the white thread on the bottom; make sure that the white thread is closest to you.

9. Place this opening over Cross peg #1.

10. Turn your hand a small amount counterclockwise and take both threads around the bottom of the Start peg (with your index finger still between them as always) to be ready to start again.

11. Turn your hand a small amount clockwise to make the opening for Cross peg #1 on the next round.


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