Why Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?

In honor of our Handwoven Celebrations weaving challenge, we’re continuing with our theme of celebratory textiles. From snuggly baby blankets to loving crafted baby bibs and clothing, what better way to celebrate a birth than with something handwoven? Many of you might start with blue for a boy and pink for a girl–but did you ever wonder why those colors? The idea that pink is feminine and blue is masculine is actually a fairly recent idea. It wasn’t that long ago–just around a century–that all babies wore white dresses. Then, in 1918 an article on baby clothing stated that of course boys should wear pink because it’s a stronger color, whereas girls should stick with blue, the more daintier of the colors. For over two decades pink was for boys and blue was for girls until it shifted sometime in the 1940s and it stuck. Of course, as weavers we can choose whatever colors we want when weaving for a baby–we can even weave up a rainbow if we so choose!

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