Whip Stitch Tutorial

The Whip Stitch is a great way to join pieces of woven fabric together that creates a nearly invisible seam on the “right” side of the fabric. It’s perfect for sewing lots of types of handwoven cloth together, in the tutorial below I’ll show you how to do the whip stitch using two pin-loom squares as an example.

Lay out two squares with the pointed corners in the upper right, with right side of top square facing down and right side of bottom square facing up (if sides are not identical).      YF4216-0008







Slide the top square over the bottom square, keeping the same orientation. This will offset the loops, matching a “bump” with a “dimple” so that they will be nested together when joined.


Thread seaming yarn on a tapestry needle. Pass the threaded needle from front to back through the upper right corner loop of both layers from front to back.


Folding the tail along the top edge of the squares, *pass the needle through the next loop of the top square, then the next loop of the bottom square.


Bring the needle to the front and pass through the next loop on the front and back as before.


Repeat from * across the top of the squares.


When the squares are opened with right sides facing, the seam will be nearly invisible. Had a matching thread or yarn been used, it would be even more invisible.




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