What Kind of Rigid-Heddle Weaver Are You?

Once you’ve got the basic tools you need to get started weaving on your rigid-heddle loom, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the “extras” available on the market. Do you need that variable-dent reed, or would a second heddle make more sense for you? What kind of shuttle should you use? One way to help with the decision-making is to figure out what kind of weaver you are based on the sorts of yarns and projects you prefer: Are you a Color Weaver, a Texture Weaver, or a Pattern Weaver? Most weavers are a mix of the three, but chances are, you’re dominant in one category or another.

Take this quiz to find out where you fit and make sure to check out the 2019 issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms for projects that fit every weaver.

1. You walk into a yarn store and have three choices. Which yarn(s) do you pick?

Photo by Paul Hanoka on Unsplash.]

2. You think single-shuttle plain weave is . . .

Photo By George Boe

3. When you see a piece of handwoven cloth you love, you want to . . .

Photo By George Boe

4. When choosing warp yarns, what do you consider first?

Photo By Oscar Aguilar On Unsplash

5. What slow-going weaving task do you mind the least?

Photo By Krzysztof On Unsplash

6. You get exclusive tickets to a Vincent van Gogh exhibit. Your first inclination when seeing the paintings is to . . .

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