Welcome to the New Weaving Today

I love new tools and resources that make my weaving life easier. From tools such as bobbin winders and fringe twisters to design software that makes tweaking drafts a snap, these tools save me time spent preparing to weave so I can spend more time happily at my loom. I’m very happy now to include the new and improved Weaving Today on that list!

The new website has everything you have come to expect from Weaving Today, but with a new, easy-to-use design will make finding new drafts, projects, articles, and inspiration easier than ever.

We’ve kept the blogs you love—including Ask Madelyn—as well as free weaving projects and drafts, magazine previews, and how-to articles to help you take your weaving to the next level. We’ve even improved our Member Galleries where you can share photos of your projects and samples as well as weaving drafts.

Our team has worked hard to make the site more organized so you can find all the weaving content you’re interested in all in one place. If you want to find our selection free projects, they are all located under the Weaving Projects and Patterns tab. Easy peasy!

Free Projects F

It’s just as easy to find free eBooks, articles on different weave structures and techniques, weaving videos, issues of Handwoven, or go to the Weaving Today shop.

Newest posts always pop up on the main page so finding the latest and greatest articles, blogs, and special events is as simple as going to Weaving Today. You’ll see all the newest pages just under the video previews where they’ll look like this:


Our new site doesn’t have forums like the old one, but you can post images and chat with each other in the comments section of each post or gallery photos.

What I’m especially excited about is our new video feature! We have a selection of short videos and video previews rotating right on top of our home page. Just click on the photo still for any of the videos to make it play.


I’m very excited about our new site, but I’d love to know what you think! Take a moment and let us know what you like, what else you’d like to see on our new site, and anything you’d change about it in the comments below.

Happy Weaving!


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