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Hear how weaving led Kathryn Alexander

to explore energized yarns

I’m just going to say it: I am probably the luckiest fiber person in the world. After dreaming of this for years, I get to work at Interweave, learn from master craftspeople and artists, go to interesting places, and fondle fiber and fabric beyond my wildest dreams. My only regret has been that words sometimes can’t convey all the excitement, and I’ve wished I could take every one of you along on Interweave fiber adventures. I love our magazines, but the printed page does limit the number of pictures and interesting facts and stories that I can share.



eMag preview
Watch how Sarah Natani double drafts yarns
for rug weaving

But today, for the first time, I can invite you right along on our fiber adventures. No, not trying to stuff you all in our suitcases. You get a front-row seat! Today, my distinguished co-editor, Linda Ligon, and I are please to announce the birth of SpinKnit, our new eMag that celebrates “fiber, needles, spindle, wheel.” It’s an interactive magazine that lives on your computer and lets us share with you in new ways. Inside it, you can see and hear local spinners, knitters, and weavers as you tour the Andean highlands with Linda. (Think Spin-Off and Piecework meet the National Geographic Channel.) You can watch close up as Kaye Collins demonstrates Andean knitting techniques and Sarah Natani shows you how she double drafts yarn for Navajo weaving, and you can hear Kathryn Alexander talk about how a weaving challenge from Peggy Osterkamp led her to a lifetime of exploring the knitting possibilities of energized yarn.

Come with us and visit an alpaca mill
in the Andes

Weaver Chris Switzer and her husband Phil will introduce you to their growing herd of paco-vicuña, a lovely addition to the camelid family and the fiber artist’s repertoire. And you can tour the Black Sheep Gathering and the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat at your leisure, lingering over all the glorious details of fiber and fabric.


Working at Interweave is a never-ending adventure, but I can honestly say that one of the greatest adventures so far has been in bringing this new experience to you. It has been a labor of love, a creative delight and a great honor, and we have worked always with the vision of you at our sides. We hope you will explore SpinKnit, and that it brings you all the pleasure that we have wished for you.




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