Weekend Weaving: Shades of India Towels

This past week or so, much of the U.S. has dealt with aggressive winter weather. A good friend of mine in North Dakota recently posted a video where he threw a mug of boiling water outside. Readers, it was so cold, that water vaporized just about instantly. All over my social media, I see photos of ice, snow, and children slowly getting cabin fever as school gets cancelled once again.

So when picking out this week’s design, I wanted a project that wasn’t even remotely wintery—something that evokes summertime, warm weather, and warm color palettes. Given those specifications, the obvious choice was Sarah H. Jackson’s beautiful Shades of India Towels. Sarah, who also happens to be our Designer of the Month, was inspired by the bright, saturated colors of Indian textiles. Her palette of warm reds, oranges, and pinks, makes me feel a little warmer just from looking.

Of course, there are other reasons to weave these towels. First, these towels only need four shafts. And they’re woven in 8/2 cotton. If you’re a towel enthusiast like me, chances are you have a nice stash of 8/2 cottons in a variety of colors—you probably have most if not all the colors needed. Last, these towels are woven in bumberet which is (a) fun to say and (b) not a structure you see terribly often. These towels are a great way to try out a new weave structure. What’s not to love?

So if you’re looking for a project to help you deal with the January chill, consider Sarah H. Jackson’s Shades of India Towels. They’re beautiful, useful, and will hopefully transport you to someplace warm as you weave these summery, sunny towels.

Happy weaving!

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