Weekend Weaving: Huck Lace and Tencel Scarf

For this week’s weekend weaving I thought about highlighting a project that would make an easy and quick last-minute gift or perhaps something you could weave for children. But you know what? It’s been a long December and while Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s are all around the corner, I think it’s time for some self care which is why I suggest warping your loom for this 4-shaft huck lace and Tencel scarf by Kristin Kelley.

You are going to love weaving this scarf. First it’s woven in just one color of beautiful, silky, shimmery Tencel. I know I love working with Tencel warps because the yarn is just such a delight to handle. Second, the scarf is a relatively narrow project at just 10” and is sett at 20 epi which means you can wind and warp fairly quickly and then get to weaving. Third, the scarf is easy to weave huck lace. Huck is such a delight to weave, and this 4-shaft version is no exception. Last, the scarf uses the same yarn in both warp and weft so you can weave it in the amethyst or lemongrass colorways suggested by the designer, or choose you’re a color to match your favorite outfit. No need to worry about how colors will interact or if the scarf will turn out muddy, just pick a color you like and you’re good to go!

Best of all this scarf is wonderful to wear. It’s beautiful and oh-so-soft. So if you have time this weekend or in the coming week, and you’re ready to weave something that will delight you from winding the warp to putting on the finished warp project, I would like to humbly suggest you give the huck lace and Tencel scarf a try.

Happy Weaving!

Featured Image: The huck lace and Tencel scarves designed and woven by Kristin Kelley.

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