Weaving with Weaves

Any weaver who has attempted to do an internet search on “weave” or “weaving” learns very quickly to sort the results so they don’t include the word “hair.” However, we’re re-thinking our search tactics after discovering up-and coming fiber artist Shenequa Brooks’s weaving. Shenequa, in many of her works, weaves with actual hair weaves.


Brooks began weaving with weaves while attending Florida’s New World School of the Arts when she was given the task of creating a piece using unconventional materials. Later, while attending the Kansas City Art Institute, she took up these materials again to create a body of work that spoke to the importance of hair in African-American culture. (Read her artist statement here to learn more about the meaning behind Brooks’s work.)


Brooks’s work with weaves is beautiful, and ranges from mock hairstyles filled with elaborate braids and in some cases even curlers to colorful wraps. She also works with more traditional weaving materials and is influenced by Ghanian weaving. If you’re interested in seeing her work in person, “Synthetic Ties” will be on display at the Silver Screen Hair Salon in Kansas City through April 29.

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