Weaving Tools

Not too long ago, I asked folks to share  non-weaving tools they used in their studios. You may have noticed that we included your great suggestions in the My Space department of our Jan/Feb issue along with tips for maintaining your loom.  What are some of your favorite real weaving tools? Why are they invaluable to you?

And now – the weather – no, this isn't going to be about the weather and how my lipstick froze while walking to work earlier this week. In the March/April issue of Handwoven, we'll be mentioning a book  in Media Picks about building a pvc loom, and I want my husband to build one for me. He has been telling me that it's too cold to work in the garage so I have my fingers crossed that after my grandson goes home tomorrow, it will be warm enough, and he'll start on the pvc loom. Now I know some of you are probably shaking your head because I'm not going to build it myself, but I'd rather spend my time weaving, and my husband is always looking for a project. I live with a man who never sits down.

I probably don't have to explain to anyone here why I want another loom. I love my beautifully crafted wooden looms, and I'll never give them up. In fact, I'm contemplating another in the future.  But, I also want more people to learn to weave. Unfortunately, some folks can't purchase expensive (and worth every penny!)  weaving looms.  This could be fun.


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