Weaving the Macabre

In honor of upcoming Halloween, this week’s “BeWeave It” is admittedly a bit on the macabre side. As it turns out, more people are currently choosing woven burial containers. Not only are these choices a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a weaver after death, they are also a perfect choice for those wanting a natural burial. If you would like your funeral and burial to reflect your joy of weaving, these options might work for you.


One woven option that has been around for millennia is the burial shroud. Also known as winding sheets, these are woven pieces of cloth that can be used in lieu of a coffin. While certain religions have guidelines for such shrouds, there appear to be no legal restrictions (at least in the United States). This means handweavers planning for the future are free to design and weave their own shroud as they choose, giving them a more personal meaning.


For those who prefer a traditional casket also have some options. Hainsworth, a family-run British wool mill, recently expanded their products line to include woolen coffins. These caskets are made of recycled cardboard, covered with a layer of finely woven British wool and lined with organic cotton. The coffins are also biodegradable, sustainable, and dye-free, so not only are the coffins lovely to look at, they are also environmentally friendly.

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