Weaving Experts in Your Studio

Here’s Christina to share some of her favorite go-to weaving resources—those books and videos that let you free up head space for ideas and creativity! These timeless reference books and videos are like having experts right there in your studio to share their best weaving techniques! ~Andrea

Christina's Most Important Resources

Two of Christina’s most important resources: her Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book, and her copy of The Weaver’s Companion.

For many years, I kept The Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book in a prominent position in my kitchen. You probably know the book: very large with a checkered pattern on the cover, typically red. I didn’t keep it around because I made recipes from it often. In fact, I think I’ve only made a few over the years. I kept it close at hand because if I had a cooking question I needed answered quickly, I knew I could turn to it as a resource. How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? The answer is on page 7. What’s the difference between a dice and a chip? Page 22. At what temperature do I need to cook my Thanksgiving turkey so I don’t make my guests sick? You can find that on page 45.

Easier than trying with messy fingers to type “substitutes for butter” into my phone when I needed a quick answer (and never dependent upon WiFi speed), that book has helped me through many a meal.

I wish we had more resources like that in life. I realize that the internet is a wonderful tool for research, but sometimes wading through all the terrible answers and slideshows of various “life hacks” is all a bit much. Fortunately when it comes to weaving, we have some wonderful resources to help us through the tough times.

The Weaver's Companion Collection contains tons of weaving techniques and tips from experts Tom Knisely and Linda Ligon.

The Ultimate Weaver’s Companion Collection is like having Tom Knisely in your studio, sharing his vast expertise from a decades-long career of maintaining and weaving with hundreds of looms. Compare the different types of looms, learn basic loom maintenance, discover the wide variety of weaving equipment and tools available, and study Tom’s weaving techniques and body mechanics. There’s so much to learn–get started now!

The Weaver’s Companion by Interweave founder Linda Ligon, for example, is one of my all-time favorite weaving books. Just as I can find out in a flash what to use instead of a double boiler in my trusty ol’ Cook Book, I can find out in The Weaver’s Companion how to do a burn test or how to fix a broken warp thread (assuming I ever go so long without breaking a warp thread that I need a reminder—a girl can dream). There are no projects or patterns in The Weaver’s Companion, just loads of vital information for your weaving life.

The Loom Owner's Companion has Tom Knisely's best weaving techniques for a variety of different looms.

Tom Knisely is your guide to understanding and making the most of your loom in The Loom Owner’s Companion, included in The Ultimate Weaver’s Companion Collection!

The Weaver’s Companion has also spawned two amazing and informative videos, hosted by that human ray of sunshine Tom Knisely, that are absolute must-watches for those of us trying to learn all we can about the tools we use. The first is The Loom Owner’s Companion. What tools do you need in your loom toolbox? How do you translate a draft written for a countermarch loom for a jack loom? How can you fix common loom ailments? All that information and more is in the video.

Get weaving techniques for using all different kinds of yarn. Weaving yarn is widely varied, but Tom Knisely shares everything you need to know for success.

In The Weaver’s Yarn Companion, Tom Knisely takes to the spinning wheel to demonstrate different types of yarn you’ll encounter in weaving. This and more in The Ultimate Weaver’s Companion Collection!

Next is The Weaver’s Yarn Companion, a video that covers pretty much all yarns (not just “weaving yarns” such as 8/2 cotton). Tom also covers all the information weavers in particular really want to know about their yarn, such as, “Can I use this in the warp?” and, “I bought a gorgeous variegated yarn; how do I weave with it without making cloth that looks like mud?” Tom’s video has all the answers. In fact, both videos go into so much more detail than The Weaver’s Companion can in its limited number of pages.

When you combine all three, you have a collection of unstoppable weaving techniques and knowledge at your fingertips. The Ultimate Weaver’s Companion Collection does just that, bringing these three wonderful resources together for a limited time only. Bring this essential collection into your studio today!

While I’m still waiting for that ultimate book or video to help me in other areas of life, it’s good to know I’ve at least got cooking and weaving covered, and those are probably the two most important areas anyway.

Happy Weaving!


P.S. What weaving reference books and videos are an essential part of your personal collection? Which volumes do you turn to time and time again? Let me know in the comments!

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