Weaving Supplies: Silk Weaving Yarn and More

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Weaving Supplies

Handcrafted weaving tablets by Wiener Dog Ranch.

Wooden Weaving Tablets

The Wiener Dog Ranch wooden weaving tablets are made to last a weaver a lifetime. They are lovingly handcrafted in Goshen, Indiana, from solid maple or oak. The tablets come in both 2½” and jumbo 4″ sizes with four or five holes. The standard 2½” size perfectly fits smaller hands, limiting fatigue. You can purchase sets of ten or twenty-four to get the number of tablets you need. Each is carefully sanded by hand and finished with a combination of oil and wax for a natural, smooth satin finish that won’t snag your yarn.

weaving supplies

Nettle shuttle by Lacis.

Netting Shuttles

An alternative to stick shuttles, these netting shuttles from Lacis come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering many options for different projects and weaving styles. They come in especially handy for weaving in tight spaces on little looms. Because the yarn is wound around a central pin rather than over the sides, more yarn can be wound on with less bulk than on standard stick shuttles. Both rosewood and plastic versions are shown here.

weaving supplies

Treenway Silks’ 100% silk Zola yarn

Zola Yarn

For those who want to weave with silk but don’t want to deal with extra-fine threads, Treenway Silks offers Zola yarn. This 12/2 spun silk has a plain-weave sett of 18 to 20 ends per inch (epi) and a twill set of 22 epi. Zola comes in 100-gram skeins of 650 yards in natural or one of over one hundred dyed colorways. Want to try the yarn but don’t know what to weave? Treenway Silks offers a free weaving draft for two Tidal Pools shadow-weave scarves with two skeins of Zola yarn.

Weaving Supplies

The new Erica table loom from Louet.

Erica Table Loom

Louet took the best qualities of a rigid-heddle loom and a traditional table loom and combined them in its new Erica table loom. The little two-shaft loom has a 30 cm (11¾”) weaving width, folds up when warped, and weighs just under 8 pounds. Each Erica includes a reed, Texsolv heddles, and a built-in raddle, and may also be converted to have up to four shafts for even more design possibilities.

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