Weaving Studio Hacks: 5 Ways to Use Your Cellphone Camera

5 Ways to Use Your Cellphone Camera Besides Taking Selfies!

    1. Take a picture of your warping board with your warp on it. This is easier than winding guide strings, which get caught up in cinch or cross ties. If you are winding in sections, refer to the picture for the correct path. Added bonus: If you forget to write down the length of your warp, use the picture to calculate it.
    2. warping board

    3. Take a picture of a ruler on your woven fabric while it is still under tension on the loom. Place the ruler in the warpwise direction. This will allow you to figure out your ppi if you forget to measure it. It’s also easier to count threads from a picture than on the loom.
    4. Use Your Cellphone Camera in Weaving: ruler on loom

    5. Stand in front of your loom and take a picture of your warp on the loom. If you added floating selvedges or changed a stripe pattern, you might not remember it later. This is a record of your warp.
    6. front of loom

    7. Take a picture of how you started your project. It is easier to pull up a picture on your phone than to roll your fabric backwards to see how you started. For instance, if you put in a few picks of plain weave before starting a scarf, a quick glance at your phone will show you how many you need to do at the end. Likewise, if your pattern repeat needs to be balanced, a picture can help reassure you that you have the right balance.
    8. beginning of project

    9. Take a picture of borders, hems, and motifs. It always seems like you will remember what you did, but life is busy and a picture tells the whole story. Document all these flourishes with photos; add a ruler and you’ll capture even more information.

    picture of project border


    Weave like a pro!


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