Weaving Prom

Every year around prom time there’s a feature or two on the news about crafty prom dresses made by artistic teens from duct tape, Starburst wrappers, and other various unusual materials. These dresses, and in some cases tuxedos, are examples of innovation, creativity, and making something beautiful out of what would otherwise have gone in the trash.


While most of these fantastic examples of formal wear are held together with hot glue and duct tape, artistic teen Maura Pozek actually carefully wove her 2011 prom dress out of ribbons and pop tabs. The shimmering, elegant dress took over four thousand pop tabs and over one hundred hours of work weaving each tab in by hand. The end result looks gorgeous, and by Maura’s own account was quite comfortable. 


This isn’t the only crafty prom dress made by Maura, in 2010,  she sported a dress made of Doritos bags, and this year her dress was made from paper bags and cardboard. If you want to weave your own pop-tab dress (or bag or what have you) Maura has a YouTube video tutorial so you can get started on your own fabulous creation today!

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