Weaving Projects to Brighten Your Holiday Table

Am I the only one out there having trouble believing it’s already November? I mean, my feelings might have something to do with the 80 degree weather we’re still having in my neck of the desert, but part of me is still not convinced that the holiday season is officially upon us.

A gorgeous wintery runner like the Diamonds in Winter Runner is perfect all winter long. Weave your own with the Holiday Weaving Pattern Pack!

A gorgeous wintery runner like the Diamonds in Winter Runner is perfect all winter long. Weave your own with the Holiday Weaving Pattern Pack!

Between now and January 1, there are a whole slew of holidays and events. The most well-known are probably Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, and New Year’s (side note: I just found out the Scottish term for New Year’s is Hogmanay which is delightful), but we’ve also got Yule, the winter solstice, various feasts and saints days (including one for Saint Nicholas), and, of course, National Gazpacho Day. You can’t go two steps without tripping over a holiday this time of year

Fortunately, the bulk of these holidays happen in December, so, as a weaver, I have a bit of time to prepare. Preparations for me this year (and every year) involve lots of weaving. I weave items to give as gifts and also to decorate my home. I weave for specific holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas, typically), but I’ll also weave up some goodies to give as hostess gifts. ‘Tis the season for weaving!

Last year, my big projects were a set of overshot towels (one for me and two as gifts) and a twill scarf in lovely hunter green wool/silk blend for my mother-in-law. This year, I’m still in the initial planning stages as I work on my Thanksgiving towels. As I’m hosting Christmas this year, I’m thinking a runner might also be in order. I will probably also do a warp of 6 to 8 towels, some of which will have designated recipients, some of which will be saved as host and hostess gifts. For the latter, I’ll do my best to make each towel a bit different. This way each recipient has their own special, completely unique towel and I don’t get bored after towel #2.

Weave cute overshot towels with a sweet little tree motif. Perfect for handwoven holiday gifts!

How cute are these Holiday Towels from Handwoven’s Holiday Weaving Pattern Pack? Check out the other patterns here.

Fortunately for me, I have plenty of resources to help guide me in my holiday weaving journey. Earlier this year, I combed through the last ten years or so of Handwoven and sought out 5 projects I thought fit my concept of holiday weaving. Projects that are showstoppers for your holiday table, projects that would make great gifts, and projects that give you plenty of weaving bang for your buck. The result is the Handwoven Presents: Holiday Weaving Pattern Pack.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, there’s something to love in this pattern pack. Maybe start with Swedish lace towels (the project makes 13 towels, all different!) or a warm, red diamond twill runner (which I would be more than happy to use all year long). There are also huck placemats woven with easy-to-find 3/2 pearl cotton, checked huck and waffle-weave towels that are as useful as they are beautiful, and a set of towels with lovely little rosepath pine trees that are almost too sweet to believe.

I love these patterns and I can’t wait to start weaving them for my home and to give as gifts. I hope you love them, too!

Happy Weaving!

P.S. What are your holiday weaving plans this year? Comment and let me know!

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