“Wanda Plaid” Scarf

Check out the weaving pattern for this cute pink handwoven scarf!

A friend of my wife gave me 2 hand wound balls of pink wool that I may weave something for her. I could not make anything just pink so I went and got some Burgundy wool matching size to the wool she gave me.

As I just got my “new” used loom, I thought I would try it out with this project.

Weaving Pattern

WPI: 16 (both yarns)
On loom:
Sett: Warp: 12 epi Weft: ended up doing 16 ppi to get squares.
Length: Length: 3 yrds.
Width: on loom 9″
Finished: 8″ X 72″ including tassels.

Wet finished in washing machine on gentle cycle, warm water and liquid laundry detergent. The pink did not full as I hoped, but the Burgundy did. Reasonable drape.


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