Weaving into the New Year

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  In 2014 Christina explored deflected doubleweave when she wove her take on Madelyn's silk scarf from the Madelyn van der Hoogt Master Weaver Collection eBook.

The end of the year is in full swing, I have (most) of my holiday decorations put away, and I’ve started thinking about what I hope to accomplish in the New Year. At the top of my list is to dust off shafts 5–8 of my loom and try out some new weave structures. So far, after nearly two years with my 8-shaft loom, I have woven exactly one project using all eight shafts.

I also want to branch out a bit. So far everything I’ve woven has been twill. I can’t help it—I just love twills. They’re beautiful, work for every fiber and use, and if I get tired of the pattern, I just change the treadling. Lately, though, I’ve found myself eyeing overshots and laces.


Here's to pursuing new weaving adventures in 2015!

I love this time between the Christmas rush and the New Year's Eve parties, the one time during the year when I can just kick back and read a book, weave, knit, spin, or catch a movie with friends. It's also the time I try to get real about my New Year's resolutions. Yes, I will work out more, but I probably won't ever have a figure like a Victoria's Secret model. I will go through my closets and get rid of things, but know that my husband will probably manage to fill the space. ("Don't throw that away. You never know when you might need it!") I will not add to my yarn stash until I go through and "edit" it. (Unless I run across something really luscious.)

However, I am making some weaving resolutions that I think I can achieve because weaving resolutions are fun. I resolve to teach at least one person to weave this year. I have a loom to lend, and it's time to put it to work making new weavers. I resolve to weave an overshot piece, start to finish. I've woven overshot in classes, I'm armed with an eBook, and I love overshot patterns. It's time to just do it! I'm going to weave towels! I love handwoven towels but have never woven them myself. The yarn is on my shelf, I have patterns galore, and I even bought a kit for Suzie Liles' folk art towels, so the time has come. 

To help me get moving, I'll keep you posted on how my resolutions are going, and I hope you'll do the same for me.Together, we'll make a more weaverly world.

Happy New Year!

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