Weaving at Age 104

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I have a hard time starting new skills. I know it’s crazy, as I’m only 25, years old, but I sometimes feel that it’s too late for me to really get good at anything I’m not already good at. Obviously this is my mind playing tricks on me. After all, I have already learned so much about weaving in such a short time! But it’s a perspective that really holds me back sometimes.

A little while ago, we had a woman submit a question to customer support. She was a beginning weaver at the age of 65, and I was so inspired to hear about her. I’m always happy whenever a new weaver is born, but especially so when someone has the guts to start something new relatively late in the game.

If you need some weaving inspiration, here's a woman who's weaving strong at age 104.

104-year-old Anna at her loom.

When we congratulated this new weaver, she said her weaving inspiration was a woman she had seen on YouTube: Anna, a weaver from Ikaria Island in Greece. Check out the video here!

Anna was 104 at the time the video was posted on YouTube, which would make her 106 years old now. I tried to do some research to see if I could find out if Anna is still well and weaving, but I couldn’t find anything. If any of you happen to know, please drop us a line!

I sure hope to be alive and weaving at the age of 104! And along the way, I hope to reach as many new weavers as possible, inspiring them to test their limits and believe in their abilities. I’m approaching my six-month anniversary here at Weaving Today, and I want to thank you all so much for inspiring me to overcome my fear of new skills and keep weaving.

Weave on, and make it your goal this autumn and winter to reach at least one new weaver!

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