Weaving: It’s About the Friendships

This is not the answer to a typical Ask Madelyn question, but someone recently asked me why I became a weaver. There were all the usual reasons: The feel of yarns and the magic of turning them into cloth, the pleasure of sitting at the loom and throwing the shuttle, the joy of working with color—and many more. But one reward of becoming a weaver that isn’t a part of the usual list is the friendships you make with other weavers.

Last month, I went to Sweden with my good friend Suzie Liles and her daughter, Sarah Rambousek. They are now the US distributors for Glimåkra looms and Swedish yarns. We were there to attend the Väv 2017 weaving conference, the Swedish version of Convergence, which is held every three years. If you were to walk through the vendor and exhibit halls of Väv, except that the major language is Swedish, you would think you were at Convergence—yarn and loom vendors packed into booths swarmed by excited weavers, color and texture everywhere, and weavers clogging the aisles, hugging each other and showing off their yarn finds.

In addition to the weaving conference and exhibits, Suzie and I went to the ABBA Museum. You don’t just weave with your weaving friends.


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