Weaving Exhibition in New Mexico: Skaidrite McKeag

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Weavers in New Mexico: here’s a weaving exhibition you won’t want to miss! August’s featured artist at Weaving Southwest in Arroyo Seco (near Taos) is Skaidrite McKeag. She is a tapestry weaver who specializes in abstract geometric designs, and Weaving Southwest will be exhibiting a show featuring a selection of her work all August.

Born in Latvia in the 1930s, Skaidrite and her parents were forced to flee to Germany when Soviet reoccupation became imminent in 1944. For over five years, they lived in a displaced person refugee camp, until a church sponsored them and helped the family to move to the United States.

This bold, geometric woven tapestry will be on display at the weaving exhibition featuring the work of Skaidrite McKeag

“Moving On,” a handwoven tapestry by Skaidrite McKeag, is one of her pieces on display at Weaving Southwest this August.

Skaidrite’s mother was a weaver, and Skaidrite herself has always had a fascination with design and color, but she wasn’t able to start weaving until retirement. Determined to make the best of her opportunities in America, Skaidrite chose a more stable profession in the public health arena.

Since retiring, she has drawn her inspiration from the landscapes and colors of her current home in the Southwest. Latvia’s liberation in 1991 has also allowed her to make several trips there to visit relatives, tapestry museums, and weaving studios. Latvian ethnographic designs are a big part of her work, and you’ll find it interesting to note the similarities between those designs and Navajo designs, which may be more familiar to an American audience.

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If you’d like to meet Skaidrite, there’s a reception on August 6 from 5-7pm. You’ll hear all about the inspiration behind her gorgeous, bold tapestries and connect with other local weavers. Let me know if you’ll be able to make it to the reception or weaving exhibition, so I can live vicariously through you!

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