Weaving Demonstrations

Christina is among the many thousands of people worldwide who enjoy public weaving demonstrations each year. Many of these take place at history museums and art shows. A survey of videos on YouTube suggests that overshot is popular to demo, perhaps because it's fancy and there's plenty going on with multiple shuttles in play.


Gisella Evitt's Blue Point table runner handwoven in overshot

Sometimes the demonstrators weave peacefully and wait for visitors to ask questions, while others take the opportunity to actively teach. Here's a great demonstration by Kenneth Webb at the Living History Day at the Charlotte, North Carolina, Museum of History. He's making multiple mug rugs across one warp with, it appears, a bit of hand-manipulated lace in the design. In just over a minute of weaving, he also sums up the entire process of harness weaving for the curious visitor. Great going, Kenneth!

For some more unusual public weaving demonstrations, check out this one in a parade in Laoag City, the Phillipines, and, in honor of the upcoming and particularly historic Space Shuttle launch, this one from our friends at NASA. (This one's more of a living natural history project.)

Gisella Evitt's Blue Point table runner handwoven in overshot

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