Weaving Is the Best Craft! Here Are My Top 10 Reasons Why!

I’ve been known to say that I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t know how to weave. And I am serious. I fantasize about going to a dinner party with a weaving video playing on the TV in the background rather than a football or basketball game. I crave conversations about weaving, and if I go too long without one, I’ll insert one into everyday conversation: “So nice to see you. I love your jeans. Did you know they are made out of 1/3 twill? A 1/3 twill produces a sturdy but flexible fabric.” In honor of National Craft Month, I feel compelled to help the non-weaving world understand why weaving is the best craft.

Here are my top ten reasons:

  1. Weaving produces a wearable or otherwise usable object.
  2. Weaving has history. There are pieces of weaving in museums. There are famous people who are known for their weaving, such as Mary Meigs Atwater, Annie Albers, and Mary Black. Weaving has been important in American history since the colonial era.
  3. Some weaving takes planning, and requires concentration. This might seem counter-intuitive for relaxation, but you can lose yourself while planning a project.
  4. Some weaving is simple but uses just enough of your brain to let the rest of it go on vacation.
  5. Weaving is mysterious. Some weave structures look complex but are actually simple, such as log cabin and overshot.
  6. Weaving is tactile, not only in the process but in the product.
  7. Weaving is soothing. Throwing a shuttle and beating your fabric is quiet and contemplative. As you weave, your troubles will fade away.
  8. Handwoven fabric has a look and feel that cannot be reproduced by a machine.
  9. Weaving is more fun than shopping. Rather than looking for a scarf that sort of matches your new sweater, you can weave one that perfectly matches it.
  10. Weaving has an infinite number of variations. You will never run out of ideas; in fact, you will want to weave more and more because you have too many ideas.

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I confined myself to ten but I know there are many more reasons weaving is the best craft. Send me yours, I want to hear them! Handwoven@interweave.com

Weave well,

Featured Image: Close-up of a loom weaving colorful fabric. Getty Images.

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