Weaving a Sámi Patterned Band

Learn how to make a sami band using a double-slotted heddle with this easy band weaving technique!

This video shows how to weave a Sámi patterned band using a double-slotted heddle (the Sunna heddle from Stoorstalka). This project appears in the March/April 2013 edition of Handwoven magazine.

Sámi band weaving is an age-old Scandinavian weaving tradition. The bands you create can be put to a wide variety of uses: straps, belts, curtain ties, key rings, bookmarks, friendship bracelets, hair accessories…the list goes on!

The double-slotted heddle demonstrated in this video is designed to make patterned band weaving easier to learn and quicker to do. It helps keep your pattern threads easily accessible while you change sheds for the background of your bands. In addition, the curved Gehpa shuttle from Stoorstalka is an ideal shape for making the pattern pickups.

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