Weaver’s personality survey

Write the number for each answer (you must answer every question and choose only one answer for each). Add up the numbers of your answers (11 numbers).

A. I would rather weave
1. An alpaca shawl.
2. Linen placemats or tablecloths.
3. A sampler using networking or advancing twills.

B. I would rather weave
1. Some fabric to embellish (embroider, paint, add beads, burnout, or ?).
2. An art piece for the wall.
3. Something with twenty pattern blocks.

C. I became a weaver mostly because
1. I needed to do something with my handspun.
2. I love the feel of handwoven fabrics.
3. Looms are so fascinating.

D. My favorite weaving activity is
1. Mixing colors.
2. Using yarns from my stash.
3. Discovering a new weave structure.

E.  I like best
1. The rhythm of weaving.
2. Warping.
3. Getting a new loom.

F.  If I had 10 minutes to look, which exhibit would I attend
1. A pen of alpacas.
2. A display of silk cocoons, fleeces, flax, and skeins of handspuns.
3. A doubleweave exhibit.
4. A demonstration of an inexpensive jacquard loom.

G. The following most describes me
1. I want everything I wear to be handwoven and sewn by me.
2. I love weaving textiles for my house.
3. I love weaving samples in new weave structures.
4. I love playing with weave structures on my computer.

H. The following most describes me
1. I want everything in my house to be handwoven.
2. I never follow a recipe for weaving; I like to see what happens on the loom.
3. I’m not too interested in weaving after I see the first inch or two.

I.  I agree most that
1. I am a yarnaholic.
2. The more colors the better.
3. The more blocks the better.
4. I am a loomaholic.

J.  When I weave
1. I insert the weft, gently press it in place with the beater, then change the shed to lock it in.
2. I tap the weft in with the beater a time or two, then change the shed and tap a    
    time or two again.
3. I like the feel of a good solid ‘whap,’ and I beat only once.

K. I agree most that
1. A lifetime is not enough to explore all the exciting possibilities on a 4-shaft loom.
2. Looms made of cherry or walnut are wonderful.
3. Looms are wonderful that are sturdy, easy to tie-up and treadle, and provide a good shed.
4. The more shafts the better.
5. Weaving on a computer-aided dobby loom is the ultimate in handweaving.

answers below:

11-20 Color-Texture
28-38 Structure-Pattern
21-27 To Be Determined

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