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It might not look much like a real rose, but the “rose” motif is one of the most common block designs you’ll find in handwoven cloth. Though it’s usually in overshot, the rose can be woven in any block weave; just a few are shown below. When you use a block weave, you have to make two choices: the design (usually in the form of a profile draft) and the weave structure (such as summer and winter,doubleweave, Atwater-Bronson lace, taqueté). There are more than a dozen block weaves to choose from! This gave us an idea.

Knitters have their Knit-Alongs; there are Crochet-Alongs, Bead-Alongs, and Sew-Alongs.  It’s high time weavers had a Weave-Along!  The editors of Handwoven and Weaving Today want to Weave Along with you, too. We’ll all weave the same two-block design—in the block weave of your choice.

We picked a two-block design from Mary Meigs Atwater’s Shuttle-Craft Book of American Handweaving.  It is an amazingly complex design for only two blocks and will work well for pillows, table pieces, scarves and shawls, rugs—almost any fabric use. If you have four shafts, you can weave this design in summer and winter, Atwater-Bronson lace, overshot, warp rep, taqueté, crackle. Weavers with eight shafts can use doubleweave, various extensions of tied unit weaves, turned twill, huck lace, and more.  If you have ten, twelve, or sixteen shafts, you can weave the design in different variations of damask, and more.

We are going to blog our Weave-Along progress, and we want you to share your progress with us, too. The Weave-Along will end on August 1st. We’ll want you to post photos of your finished pieces in a gallery at Weaving Today, and we’ll select the most stunning to show in the November/December issue of Handwoven, which will focus on blocks. Some of your pieces may be selected for projects in that issue.

You can make adjustments to the design or its proportions to fit your required fabric size as long as you maintain its basic look. You can download the profile draft here. To find out more about the weave structures you can use for your Weave-Along piece, see Anne Dixon’s The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory, Carol Strickler’s A Weaver’s book of 8-Shaft Patterns, and the Comprehensive Guide to Designing with Blocks (eBook).

Don’t forget that you can use the Weaving Today study groups as an aide. Even though the final pieces for the Handwoven Calendar are due April first, we plan for the study groups to be ongoing. If you choose summer and winter for the Weave-Along,  for example, the summer and winter study group is a great place to start. More on that as we Weave-Along!



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