Weave-Along with us, there’s still time!

Weave Along with us! There is still time! 

I don't know about you, but I need deadlines. Maybe it's because the publishing world revolves around deadlines, or maybe it's a carryover from college, when papers-due and test dates ruled. I was never a stay-up-all-night studier, but that was because I always fell asleep. On the other hand, if I studied for a test too far ahead, I'd forget what I'd studied by the date of the test. It was always a delicate balance. All this is to say that it's not August 1 yet, the due date of the Weave-Along.

The moment the Weave-Along started, I pictured myself spending leisurely hours planning the draft, ordering yarns, winding the warp, threading the loom, and weaving and finishing many staggeringly beautiful items. This is a lot like when a paper was first assigned, such as "Compare and contrast the rise and fall of the ancient Greece and Mayan civilizations," I would picture myself spending months of week nights deep in the stacks at the library.

Twill Blocks by Sarah Jackson

What really happened was I'd spend the week before the due date at the library, ignoring all the farther-away deadlines.

So what's happened with the Weave-Along and all the blogging I've been planning to do about it is that I haven't started yet.

Sometimes I tell myself that work is taking place somewhere in my subconscious that has to get done before I can start. I loved my yarn choices for the Weave-Along, but I couldn't decide on a weave structure. So here I am, almost two months later, and now I know! I am going to use the double two-tie threading system for a two-block supplementary warp. I'm doing that because on that threading I can weave any two-tie unit weave plus doubleweave and beiderwand. (This way I will prolong the final structure choice until late July, when I'll probably start weaving, since an earlier deadline, the September/October issue of Handwoven rules my life now.)

Turned beiderwand by Karen Donde

Luckily, most of you aren't like me. Visit the Weave-Along gallery to see these and other piecesand check out the Weave-Along forum to read Amanda Cutler's tutorial for blocks in summer and winter. If you are like me, there is still time! You can choose a weave structure from one of the study groups (summer and winter, huck or Atwater-Bronson lace,  shadow weave, turned twill, etc.) and use the Mentor to answer your questions (we're planning on starting new study-group sessions this fall, stay tuned!).

We'll feature some of the Weave-Along pieces as projects in the November/December issue of Handwoven.

Summer and winter by kkreug



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