Weave a Baby Shark (Doo Doo Doo Doo)

My child recently turned 2, which means, by my calculations, I’ve heard the song “Baby Shark” approximately 9,457 times. If you have managed to avoid the “Baby Shark” phenomenon, consider yourself lucky—and, most definitely, do not watch this video. Although his love of “Baby Shark” is slowly (too slowly) being eclipsed by “Baby Beluga,” H still loves the song to bits and will frequently break into “Baby Shark” in the middle of dinner complete with the choreographed hand motions.

Recently, H received a package from Susan Horton. In the box was a stuffed shark made entirely from pin-loom squares. H was delighted beyond words and, in truly toddler fashion, named it Baby Shark. He also demanded it go straight into his crib, where it joined the rest of his favorite stuffed animals: BockBock, MooMoo, Tacos (a.k.a. the red dragon from the book Dragons Love Tacos (affiliate link), which, unlike “Baby Shark,” I do recommend checking out), Bunny (who is also a pin-loom creation), and Saurus.

Weave a Baby Shark

H’s collection of stuffed animals, including his very own Baby Shark.

The stuffed Baby Shark may sleep in H’s crib, but he doesn’t stay there. We bring it out during playtime and have discovered that the mouth is exactly the right size for putting in Daniel Tiger figurines (affiliate link). (Baby Shark is, of course, friendly, so no actual harm comes to Daniel and his friends during this game.) We use it when we sing “Baby Shark” together (over and over again), and then we tuck it in again at naptime and bedtime.

If you have a wee one in your life who loves “Baby Shark,” it’s easy—and fun—to weave one just like H’s. Pin-loom pro Deborah Bagley not only designed this fabulous shark, she also wrote up the instructions, so you can weave up your very own Baby Shark. There are even 2 versions: one with the mouth pouch and teeth (like H’s) and one that just has a sweet smile. Weave them in the gray as written, or use bright colors to match the sharks in the video.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a song I need to get out of my head.

Happy Weaving (doo doo doo doo),

Featured Image: A Shiver of Sharks, woven and designed by Deb Bagley. PHOTO BY GOOD FOLK PHOTO

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  1. Gabriele V at 2:14 pm May 13, 2019

    I love stories like this and can very much relate to them. As annoying as it may be right now, these are memories in the making, for both of you.

    Deborah is an expert – with experience – in making pin loom toys.

    To wonderful moms!

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