Wearing the Hats of Your Fiber Arts Business

Debs hats
As you can see here, Deb certainly wears a lot of hats. Photo by Deb Essen.

imageplaceholder Deb Essen
Contributor, Weaving Today

I love hats and have quite a collection. These are my “play” hats. I have hats for gardening (straw with wide brims), hats for hiking (cloth with wide brims), baseball hats for backpacking (no brims to hit the pack) and hats for paddling down the river (four choices here, depending on the weather). Then I have the collection of winter hats, hats I’ve collected on travels, and hats touting my favorite sports teams. Hats for every job and every occasion.

Running my own business, I have to wear a lot of hats–figuratively. There’s my designer hat, weaver hat, sales hat, marketing hat, writing hat, and accounting hat. Some days I feel like I am changing hats continuously as I juggle responsibilities. Some days I get to wear the same hat all day long (I love wearing my weaving hat for the day.)

Debs hats
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The trick to running a business is learning what hats to wear, when to wear them, and deciding when a hat doesn’t fit well and I should give that hat to someone else to wear.

My Craft University course, “Crafting a Successful Fiber Arts Business” will show you what hats you need to wear, help you decide when and how to wear them, and when to give a hat away. I’ll be sharing information I’ve learned from practical experience (and yes,  some pain) gained through 5 years of running a fiber arts business and the training I received to get me up and running. I’ll help you find your best hats and teach you how to wear them with flair and style.

I hope to see you there! Happy Weaving!


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