Warping War Results

So which is best—Back to Front or Front to Back? The jury is still out on which way is really “best,” but it is clear that weavers can agree to disagree. Here are the Handwoven Editor’s Picks (Madelyn van der Hoogt, Pattie Graver, Anita Osterhaug, and Linda Ligon), and each winner gets a DVD or eBook from the Interweave Store.

If you are a winner, please contact alatimer@interweave.com with your choice and contact information.

Madelyn’s pick:


The best way to warp the loom depends on which loom you are using.  With my Country Side II, the back beam drops to the floor and I can put in a chair and sit at a comfortable height right next  to (behind) the heddles.  For this loom, it would be difficult to reach over the front beam to warp from back to front, but it is easy to warp from front to back. Now I have a second floor loom.  The second loom, an AVL, is impossible to warp front to back.   There is no way I can REACH OR SEE the heddles to thread them around, over, or under the back beam.  The front beam lifts out, so that after winding onto the back beam, a chair can be placed in front of the heddles at a comfortable height for threading the heddles.


Pattie’s pick:


The BEST way to warp is:  However YOU do it.  what ever makes you happy and comfortable.  Cos lets face it, if you aren’t happy and at ease you really don’t want to weave in the first place.  I’ve done both and they both can be a pain in the patoot and a joy.  So pick your fave for the threads and WEAVE ON!!!! 


Anita’s pick:


How is this for a politically correct answer—Both!  First, my learning methods.  I learned in California with the guild at a class I took, then I went to Convergence in Michigan and learned at a “Right from the Start Class”.  In each, being also politically correct, they each taught me both.  That said, if it’s easy to wind on the warp with no tangles or mess, I do and use a raddle and lease sticks and warp back to front.  If however, I am winding on a difficult, fine warp, because I don’t own a tensioning box and warping wheel as Lillian Whipple does, (though I would very much like to), hint hint!, I warp front to back.  It works for me because I can do some sleying and leave it.  Drive someone somewhere, come back and pick it up where I left off.  Which is my life and I expect that many of us are that way.  I do find that front to back is more comfortable though! And the tea, scone and music is right there beside me to sustain me!   I have to see the chiropractor after the back to front method.  But sometimes it is worth it for a perfect, no mistakes, complicated threading.  I very much like that I know both methods and can mix it up a bit.  I think each of us should learn both methods and then have a choice.  I like choices.  And it means more classes to take.  How fun!!!


Linda’s Pick:

Kathie Roig

Being morally opposed to any kind of war I say let the “back to fronters” live alongside the “front to backers” in peace and harmony, for all we want the same thing: beautifully woven cloth 🙂


Most Attitude:


The Best Way to Warp is: Get someone to do it for you.. 


Most Creative:

Susan 1011

Back to Front or Front to Back,

Keep on practicing you’ll get the knack,

Pull the threads to make them taught,

Oops! one snapped, I’m feeling fraught.


Persevere and sley the reed,

A glass of wine, that’s what I need.

Back to front I like the best,

Don’t put my patience to the test!



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