Warping Back to Front with Two Crosses

Contrary to popular belief, warping a loom back to front isn’t any easier on your warp threads than warping front to back–unless you wind with two crosses! Use this method for warping a loom with very fine, sticky, or highly-twisted warp yarns. This method is least stressful on the warp fibers because the threads are separated by only the raddle pegs as they are wound on the warp beam. No lease sticks are used during beaming. Although the warp threads don’t go on the beam in their exact threaded order, warp tension is enough to separate and align the threads.


For smooth yarns, you can use either front to back (instructions here) or back to front (instructions here).


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  1. Phillenore H at 8:15 am August 16, 2017

    Madelyn, I was just browsing your articles and came across this one. I’ve never heard this before — two crosses, warping back to front, but winding on without lease sticks in the back cross. Really?! I often do two crosses and always warp back to front but always leave the lease sticks in while winding on. I’m preparing to wind on some 60/2 silk for the first time and I’m curious about how this technique will work.

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