Warming Winter Weaving

As I’m writing this I’m in Colorado and the weather when I left this morning was an extra chilly 19 degrees with no sun peeking through the gray skies above. While I know there are some folks from my part of New Mexico and other warm-weather locals who might shudder at the thought of such a low temperature, but I was honestly excited. Not because I delight in the cold, but rather because I love to get all bundled up in all the winter gear that is normally banished to the coat closet.

It’s only when I travel to cold places that I get to pull out my favorite warm scarf, an alpaca/silk piece woven in undulating twill. I love this scarf so much and just putting it on before I head out into the cold makes me feel warm, cozy, and safe. It’s amazing how handwovens can make us feel such strong, happy emotions, but not entirely surprising. Textiles are such a close part of many of our lives. We wear them next to our skin, we use them in our kitchens where we prepare our food, and we decorate our home and our lives with them.

Some of the emotion comes from the purpose of the item, some of it might come from the time in which it was woven, and sometimes we weave items to evoke specific emotions—scarves in an autumn palette to get us excited for changing leaves or bright summery-colored towels to remind us that warmer weather is around the corner.

The Winter Warmth Towel kit, featuring 4-shaft Ms and Os towels by Kathleen Farling.

The Winter Warmth Towel kit, featuring 4-shaft Ms and Os towels by Kathleen Farling.

When I saw our newest project kit, a beautiful set of 4-shaft Ms and Os towels by Kathleen Farling in cool silvers and warm brick I couldn’t help but think of the feeling of being bundled up in my favorite cozy scarf and a chilly day. Or the feeling of playing in the snow and then running inside for a mug of steaming hot cider or snuggling under a throw by a fireplace while the wind blows outside. So that is how we came up with the name Winter Warmth Towels.

I hope you love these towels as much as I do, and that if you end up weaving them that they make you feel as happy and cozy as they do for me.

Happy Weaving!

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