Warm Wishes for a New Year

  Linda Ligon
  Happy Holidays from Linda

Embrace the dark, avoid the shivers, stay cozy and warm and peaceful and full of love and joy this winter holiday season. Unless, of course, you are in Tucson or Fort Lauderdale or some other sunny clime. In which case, everything I said still applies, except for the shivery part. Happy holidays. 


Linda Ligon


Merry Christmas from Huck  
Merry Christmas from Huck   

I love Christmas! I wonder what it would be like to experience Christmas in Australia, say, in the middle of summer. Christmas partly means so much to me because I live in the Northwest. Just as I’m feeling closed in by dark, gray skies and cold temperatures, I can fill my house with sparking lights, candles, and the color red. Since I can’t work in the garden, I spend more time thinking about and being in touch with family and friends. This year, I am especially grateful for my brother, whose home was completely destroyed two days ago by the fire currently burning in Big Sur. His wife miraculously woke up to the slight smell of smoke. Fifteen minutes later, as they fled, their house and property burst into flames. It is a miracle they are alive and miracles are good to think about at Christmas. May you all have miracles of your own to celebrate.


Madelyn van der Hoogt


  A Future Weaver
  A Peruvian Weaver of the future

I wish you all joyous holidays with family and friends, and time to pursue your weaving dreams in the new year. As we celebrate this season of rebirth, may we think of the weavers around the world with whom we share this precious bond, and the weavers who have gone before us, passing their knowledge and passion into our waiting hands. May we keep their trust and pass it lovingly and reverently on to generations to come.

Anita Osterhaug

At the time of this writing, I have just taken my last project of 2013 off my loom. It’s a soft alpaca scarf woven especially for my father-in-law. When I cut it off the loom and began trimming the weft tails that dotted the scarf, I thought about how soft it was, how much fun it was to weave, and how much I hoped it would be enjoyed. I barely remembered the threads I accidentally cut during warping, the time spent untangling balls of yarn that somehow became knotted, or the unweaving. All the stressful moments completely disappeared, and all that was left was joy. Joy and a scarf. I think weaving is a lot like life. I know there were times this year where I was tired, sad, and stressed, but as the New Year approaches the memories of 2013 that are the clearest are my happiest. At the end of the year—just like at the end of each weaving—I’m left with joy. And a scarf.


Christina Garton

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