Wanted: Weaving Advice for a New Weaver

Christina's new baby: and 8-shaft jack loom
that she may or may not have named Lucille

I'm terribly excited. I simply cannot stop smiling. Why? A couple weekends ago I purchased my first floor loom at a yard sale. The 8-shaft beauty hadn't been used in twenty-five years, and other than some missing crank handles it was in near perfect condition. (Plus, as an added bonus it came with both a warping board and a box of Handwoven's from the 1980s. 

Since buying the loom my husband (who is every bit as excited to weave on it as I am) and I have watched both Tom Knisely's The Loom Owner's Companion and Madelyn's Warping Your Loom videos, we placed vice grips where the crank handles once were, and have wapred up the loom with some thrift store yarn for sampling.

We've both played around on it and experimenting with different structures, and we're looking forward to getting some cones of yarn so we can really dive in. What I still need, though, is a little help from you folks. I want to know something:

What advice do you wish somebody had give you when you started weaving?

This can be technical advice, general advice, or anything else you think might be helpful to me as I start my newest weaving adventure. I can't wait to get some proper yarns so I can start weaving my first "real" projects. I'm thinking some cotton dishtowels and the husband wants to make a deflected doubleweave scarf (he's an ambitious boy). 

So make sure to tell me in the comments section what you think, I can't wait to hear from you!

Christina Garton

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