Wall hanging / scarf [nr. 2] in blockdamask on 32 shafts.

The making of “FOSS” (Icelandic for waterfalls).                                                    


The inspiration for the series “FOSS” [a series of six pieces],

were the many vacations on Iceland.

From 1999 till now, I camped very often on Iceland.

Especially during the summer, when the sun won’t fall, I was deeply affected

by the beauty and colors of nature.

The colors of the mountains changed constantly in the different types of light.

[Each wall hanging / scarf has different colors]

Sitting in front of my small tent, I made sketches and notes of the waterfalls.

At home I translated the sketches in designs to weave in block damask.

Because of the binding I choosed, I had to simplify the sketches, stylize the falls.

It takes five shafts for satin / damask.  The loom has thirty-two shafts,

two shafts are needed for the selvedges; the other thirty shafts are for the blocks.

The designs consist six blocks.

When the design is complete, it’s time to choose the yarns. Novelty – and colored yarns

to create the right atmosphere. 

In this series I used two yarns of HABU, to create the water of the waterfalls.

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