Waffle weave bath towel

Hi, guys, this is my waffle weave towel, washed and ready to go. I wanted to post this here because Handwoven has been an incredible font of inspiration for years, but this is the first time I followed all the instructions of a project. This one is from Handwoven magazine sept/oct 2014, page 54 – John Mullarkey´s. He did an amazing job weaving a bath towel with a inkle band (I didn´t do this, for I don´t have an inkle, and I wanted to keep it simple this time). I had help from a dear friend with measurements and interpretation (I´m from South America, so English is not my native language…lol…). I am so happy with the result that I wanted to share with you guys. Thanks to Mr. Mullarkey, and thank you, Handwoven crew, for allowing us to have great weaving experiences!

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