Valentine’s Day Drafts and WIFs for Weavers

Some people might not agree, but the weaver in me believes that nothing says Valentine’s Day like woven hearts. I did a little searching and then worked with weaving software to develop these 4 heart weaving drafts and matching WIFs. I’m sure there are many more ways to weave hearts, but perhaps these will get you started. Click on the cards to find the drafts underneath. Below you will find corresponding downloadable Valentine’s Day WIFs for weavers.

Did you know that people of the middle ages first began using hearts as a symbol of love? Today they are universally recognized as symbols of affection. We often use the simple heart shape in writing and drawing to show kindness and appreciation for people and things. As weavers, we can weave that same simple heart shape to evoke the same emotions. I can picture these hearts on handwoven towels, scarves, baby wraps, and blankets. Imagine wrapping a baby in a blanket covered with hearts or giving a set of linen towels with heart borders to newlyweds just starting their lives together. Consider how weaving a scarf for a friend is an act of love and that just by adding a heart or two, you might cheer them on a gloomy day. It’s a simple shape, just a symbol really, that says a lot.

Happy Valentines’ day!
Weave well,


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FREE downloadable Valentine’s Day WIFs for weavers

4-shaft twill heart
6-shaft twill heart
8-shaft twill heart
8-shaft huck heart

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  1. Judith E at 10:10 am February 14, 2018

    The 8-shaft twill heart is my draft that I shared on years ago. I called it Hearts and Flowers. It is #13916. Weavers may be interested to know that it only needs 8 treadles. A straight treadling may be easier to do and since my loom has 12 treadles I shared it that way. Judie Eatough

  2. Judith E at 11:55 am February 14, 2018

    The 8-shaft twill heart draft is one I shared on years ago. #13916. It is a fun draft and started with an idea from the gamp I wove for the 8-shaft pattern book. Weavers may be interested to know that the draft only needs 8 different treadles. Since my loom has 12, I wrote the draft that way for ease of treadling. Enjoy. Judie Eatough

  3. Mary M at 1:36 pm February 14, 2018

    Tisserande ) did a scarf using your Hearts and Flowers a few years ago. I fell in love with it. Now that I have an 8 shaft, I look forward to doing your draft with my hand dyed silks.
    Thanks Judith!

  4. Janet H at 5:56 pm February 14, 2018

    I used a draft found in A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns (Carol Strickler): #723 on pg. 227; to make a throw with vertical columns of hearts as a wedding gift. Turned out nice.

    • Judith E at 6:33 pm February 27, 2018

      The 8-shaft pattern book is where the heart draft for me started. See number 405, page 111. Then I turned it and cleaned it up and played with it and I think improved it. But it started with that gamp that was woven for the book. Judie Eatough

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