Tying on One Warp to Another

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Hi Madelyn!


I've heard that you like tying on new warps to old ones. I have just finished a warp I really loved and want to work with it again. Isn't it easier to re-thread (start completely over) than to tie all those warp threads together?


—Mary Ann


Hi Mary Ann!


I think it is much easier to tie on a new warp to an already threaded one than to start over. It takes less time, and any errors are very unlikely to occur. Here are the steps to follow:


Wind the new warp. Place lease sticks in the cross and suspend them in front of the reed. Take each thread in turn from the reed and the lease sticks and tie together in an overhand knot. When the new warp is completely tied to the old one, remove the lease sticks and jiggle the knots through the reed. Then jiggle them through the shafts and wind the new warp onto the back beam as usual.



Placing Lease Sticks   Tying Knots   Knots Completed
Placing Lease Sticks   Take one thread from each warp   Tying Knots
Knots Completed   Jiggle Knots Through   Jiggle Knots Through
Knots completed   Jiggle the Knots through the the 
Jiggle knots through the shafts
    Warp Tied On    
    And finally, beam

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