Ask Madelyn: Twizzled Fringe Defined

Ask Madelyn

Hi Madelyn!

I am working on a project I found online, and the finishing method says only “twizzled” fringe. Is that the same as twisted fringe?


Hi Sara!

This term has started popping up, and yes, it does mean twisted fringe (at least as far as I can tell). The term makes me smile and think of swizzle sticks but must come from Twizzler’s, the twisted licorice candy sticks.

Weaving language is more like everyday language than it is like the vocabulary of a field of science. Words come into our vocabulary from usage, anyone’s usage. This can make our language both colorful—and confusing.

There are three typical ways to treat fringe: hemstitch the edge and trim the fringe evenly, tie an overhand knot at the fell and leave the fringe hanging from the knots, and twisting the fringe. Whatever the project instructions are, you can always chose any of these three methods. In general, a twisted fringe involves dividing a number of warp threads into two equal groups and twisting the two groups separately until they are so tight they begin to kink, and then twisting the two groups together in the opposite direction, securing the end with an overhand knot. A single twisted fringe can also be made of more than two groups.


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