Twisted Fringe

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The question I have relates to making fringe on a scarf.  How does one make each fringe and knot the same length. I twist and join the twists and guesstimate the knot location but I have no way of making these line up perfectly.  Any suggestions?

––Ruthe Ayers

Hi, Ruthe!

I'm wondering if you are a perfectionist? It is really hard to get the knots to be perfect; most are not exactly so. If you cut the fringe so it is truly all even in length, and then count the twists and do the same for each of the two groups, the knot might be a little off but should be close. The fringe is usually sort of swinging around, so you might be the only one who notices it's not exactly perfect?




Thank you.  Yes I am a perfectionist and yes the knots line up OK, they do move, and I am probably the only that notices the difference.  (It may be only millimeters!!)  The twists are all the same by count.  Thanks again for
your very helpful answer.


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