Turned Weaves

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Greetings, Madelyn!

I keep hearing about "turned" weaves. I think this means to take a draft where something (the floats?) usually run horizontally and make it run vertically. So I have three questions for you. Is that right, what weave structures can be turned, and how do I go about turning the draft?

–– Regina Phalanges

Hi there, Regina.

I talked about turned drafts before in
a previous Ask Madelyn. The only thing I might add is that you can turn any weave structure (the threading becomes the treadling, the treadling becomes the threading; what was warp is now weft, what was weft is now warp), but some weaves are more turnable than others. If there are a lot of treadles and you turn a draft you’ll need a lot of shafts. Usually that’s a reason not to turn a draft (that you’ll need more shafts than you have). Also, you often will need two warp beams if you turn a structure like overshot that has two wefts that become two warps.

Hope this helps!

–– Madelyn

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