Try and Weave Again

  Have fun weaving commercial-quality pile weaves in your own home!

imageplaceholder Deb Essen
Contributor, Weaving Today

The first time I wove a supplemental warp pile weave, I selected velvet for my project. This was about 2001 and there weren’t any books on the subject, not much information on the Internet (we still had dial-up and Google wasn’t a verb yet), very few articles in magazines that I was lucky enough to find copies of, and no pictures or instructions on how to warp my loom. No one in my area wove velvet and I couldn’t find a workshop anywhere! But I plunged in. I mean, velvet has been woven for hundreds of years–I could figure it out.

Let’s just say that things didn’t go as well as I’d planned.

But I learned a lot from that first attempt. I kept trying and researching and learning and weaving, all the while muttering that it sure would be nice if someone would write a book on supplemental warp weaves. A couple years ago it struck me that maybe that person should be me. So I proposed the book to Interweave and two years of work later, Weaving with Supplemental Warps: Techniques and Projects would soon be released.

When Anita suggested I record companion videos demonstrating the steps for supplemental warp projects with a separate video just for pile weaves in terry cloth and velvet, I jumped at the chance. To be able to see the steps while hearing instruction would have made my life so much easier many years ago. Now you can have your own private workshop in your home.

Only one warning: once you weave your own terry cloth towel, you will be tempted to replace all of your machine woven towels with handwoven towels. But really, is that such a bad thing?

Happy Weaving!

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