Top Ten Table Runners on Eight Shafts

Candelabra Christmas Runner   

 Eva Gerd Asher's Holiday Table Runner


Winter is coming, so get ready for those long, uninterrupted, warm and cozy days at your loom. Need some great ideas for projects? Here’s just what you need—a new Best of Handwoven eBook: Top Ten Table Runners on Eight Shafts (if you have four shafts, check out Top Ten Table Runners on Four Shafts). Created by some of your favorite Handwoven designers (Jean Scorgie, Patrice George, and Sharon Alderman, just to name a few), the runners in this Best of Handwoven Collection are beautiful, classically timeless, and irresistibly fun to weave.


Table runners make ideal projects for any weaver, from beginner to experienced. They are rectangular, so require little fussy finishing. They use your favorite yarns—primarily cottons and linens, from fine to thick and textured—that are readily available in every imaginable color.

   Overshot Double-Ring Anniversary Runner

Gisella Evitt's Overshot Runner

The timing for this eBook couldn’t be better. How about putting on a long warp and weaving a run of runners for holiday gifts or to decorate your own holiday table? You have plenty of time if you start now!

Add Ten Top Table Runners on Eight Shafts to your digital weaving library!


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