Top Hats

As today is New Year’s Eve, we at BeWeave It headquarters thought it would be fun to talk a bit about top hats, that classiest of men’s headgear. Sadly, no one knows who actually invented the top hat, but we do know it started appearing in France sometime in the late 1700s. In 1793 hatter George Dunnage made the first silk top hat in England and within 20 years they had taken over as the hat of choice amongst men of all social classes. Perhaps one of the most famous American top wearers during this time period is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s top hat of choice had a high top and a narrow brim, known also as a stovepipe hat.

top hats

Today top hats are, sadly, far less popular. They’re mostly worn on extra formal occasions (think out to the Opera), by guitarist Slash, and for important ceremonies, such as the annual checking of the Groundhog’s shadow in Punxatawney, Pennsylvania.