Top 17 Weaving Products from 2017

I am a member of a couple of rigid-heddle loom Facebook groups. As a weaver, I am always interested in seeing weaving, but in particular, I love to see how members of weaving groups reach out to each other and offer advice and support. To be honest, I rarely comment and leave most of my interaction to “likes.” A couple of times I’ve recommended an Interweave video or book when I thought it was helpful, but mostly I try to keep my Handwoven editor hat off when I’m looking at the projects and comments.

All this to say, I am excited to see that the rigid-heddle community is coming to Interweave for weaving advice and inspiration. Numbers 1 and 2 among our top 17 weaving products for 2017 were products designed exclusively for the rigid-heddle weaver, Little Looms Summer 2017 and Little Looms Summer 2016. Little Looms is a once-a-year special issue that is full of products and techniques for weavers that weave on rigid-heddle looms, pin looms, and inkle looms. Next on the list after Little Looms were 2 pattern resources for rigid-heddle weavers, the Rigid Heddle Pattern Book #1 and Best of Handwoven: Rigid Heddle Technique and Pattern eBook #2. Further down the list were several other pattern and technique books for the rigid-heddle weaver.

weaving products

Rigid-heddle loom. Photo Credit: George Boe

Some of the products listed apply to both multi-shaft weaving and rigid-heddle weaving, such as Best of Handwoven: Color!, Wet-Finishing for Weavers, and Handwoven Magazine. I love to see that all types of weavers are reaching out for content that will advance them in the craft.

Four of the videos on the list are for multi-shaft weavers and feature Tom Knisely: Weaving with Novelty Yarns, Beginning Weaving, Learn to Weave, and Weaving with Rags. If you haven’t watched a Tom Knisely video, I highly recommend it. He is informative with a charming style. Even if you have been weaving a while, you might be surprised at the tips you pick up.

Check out our list of top sellers for 2017. There is a reason these products are popular. They deliver information and inspiration to weavers of all types.

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