Things I don’t know

Here in Colorado, the Estes Park Wool Market starts tomorrow! I'm really excited, and I'm attending a two-day class on crackle taught by Susan Wilson. She is also the mentor of our crackle study group here on I must confess. I know nothing about crackle, but I'm sure by Friday afternoon I'll know a lot.

I also didn't know how to direct-warp a rigid heddle loom until Monday night. A dear friend was visiting, and we were discussing the soap-making class she is teaching at Estes.  We thought it would be cool to show the soap-makers how they might weave soap bags. Who doesn't want to learn to weave? In no time at all, Liz showed me how to direct warp a rigid heddle, and zip –  the loom was  ready for a class demo in nothing flat. Hopefully, some new weavers will be tempted to join our glorious warped world.             


 Liz and Pattie Direct Warping her
rigid-heddle loom

You know how folks say "things always come in threes?" Well, another thing I don't know is how to drive the canyons and mountain roads with confidence. I'm a little nervous about my trip tomorrow. It's hard to arrange a ride with other folks because of space and equipment considerations. So, I'm possibly going to be part of a caravan of other attendees. (By the way, I AM the driver you never want to be stuck behind! ) Once again, weavers to the rescue lending their care and support, and hopefully their senses of humor with regard to my driving skills.

Here at Handwoven, this is what we want to have happen on We're not kidding about being the "town square for handweavers." We want to be the place where weavers of all skill levels can come together to share knowledge, support one another,  expand their weaving skills, and maybe give me some driving pointers in the Off-Topic forum!

Stay warped,


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