The Yarn Monster

Let's face it, we live in a gadget world. That's probably good news for those weavers who are tool junkies. Some of us love our compu-dobbies and the latest weaving software, and some of us love beautiful tools that hearken back to a simpler day. I treasure my handmade hardwood stick shuttles from a local woodworker, each stored in a handstitched cloth bag, and my artisan wooden swift and end-feed shuttle from Bluster Bay. But they'll have to pry my laptop and drafting software out of my cold, dead hands.

It's nice to take the best of the old and the new, and here's an amazing tool that does just that.  Union Bridge Labs (the brainchild of Maryland-based techie, woodworker, designer, and dogsledder, Todd Reece) has created the Yarn Monster, a neat little beast with a fairy-tale (or Sesame Street) persona that applies the latest technology to the very traditional task of winding a ball of yarn. See it in action right here! Sorry, gadget junkies, you can't buy a yarn monster for your studio menage, but you can download the materials list and build your own for a mere $130. Wouldn't this be a hit at your next guild function?

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