The World’s Most Expensive Coat

We’ve written here before about vicuña, a fiber considered by many to be the most luxurious in the world. Fabric woven from vicuña can go for anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 per yard, so it should come as no surprise that themost expensive coat in the world, at $50,000, is made from vicuña. The coat, which was created by tailor J. H. Cutler, was commissioned by an anonymous client who wanted a handmade coat of the absolute highest quality, no matter the cost.


Along with being made of vicuña, the coat is lined with pure silk satin lining, is sewn with silk threads dipped in beeswax, features buffalo horn buttons, and the gold plaque attached by chain to the coat was made from hand-engraved 18 carat gold. It was specially designed and carefully handsewn by a team of master craftsmen. No matter how you feel about the pricetag, there’s no denying that this coat is a truly incredible textile. 

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