The Weaving Adventures of Edgar and Rita


Do you have a studio pet and/or children in your life? If so, you will love the delightful children's book The Weaving Adventures of Edgar and Rita. Edgar, a golden retriever, lives with Rita, a weaver. Edgar accompanies Rita on frequent walks and notices how the things they observe on their outings end up on Rita's loom. A brick wall becomes a hallway rug, a maple leaf appears in Rita's woven scarf, and even shade patterns from the trees are incorporated into a bedspread.


Reading this book to the little ones in your life will introduce them to a creative way of seeing the world around them. It may even give seasoned weavers some great design ideas too. Certainly, Edgar will make everyone smile with his adorable sense of pride and loyalty.



The Weaving Adventures of Edgar and Rita

Frances Iverson

Niddy Noddy Press, 2009. Paperback. ISBN 978-0-615-30787-9.

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