Tom Knisely in The Weaver’s Yarn Companion

Tom Knisely has been weaving and teaching for over 40 years, so it’s no surprise he knows a thing or two about yarn. In fact, he was a spinner before he was a weaver, so Tom has a lot of hands-on experience when it comes to fibers in general. In The Weaver’s Yarn Companion, now available as on online workshop, Tom shares some of the knowledge and experience he’s gained over his career. Your choice of yarn can make or break a weaving project, both the weaving experience itself as well as the finished cloth. Tom helps you navigate the vast number of yarns available to weavers today to make informed choices about what you use and how.

Weaver’s Yarn Companion

In this workshop, you’ll cover the basics of fiber and how it comes together to make yarn in the first place. You already know that cotton and wool produce very different cloth, but the way a yarn is spun can also affect woven fabric, sometimes drastically so. Tom will show you several examples and explain why the finished fabric looks the way it does. (Hint: the number of plies matters. A lot.)

A very common question weavers ask is whether or not a yarn can be used as a warp. Tom offers some great insight here, and you’ll be surprised to find out that many yarns are indeed “warp-worthy” if you take a few things into consideration. You’ll also learn that not all 10/2 yarns are the same, and how to manage threads of different weights in the same reed.

Weaver’s Yarn Companion

Tom in teacher mode.

Variegated yarn is my nemesis, and Tom’s workshop tackles the clown-barf problem with some great advice and sampling tricks. But my favorite part of the workshop (and the part I found most helpful) is Tom’s guide to identifying those mystery yarns that crop up in any weaver’s stash. From flame tests to the Secret Code of Yarn Cones, there are some great ways to figure out what you have, and how much.

Weaver’s Yarn Companion

These cones have something to tell you.

Want to learn more? Check out Tom’s workshop. You’ll get plenty of advice and examples to help you plan your next project.

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